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Islami Bank Training and Research Academy is trying to fulfill the training needs of Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited (IBBL) and other Islamic Banks operating in Bangladesh and to encourage research in Islamic Economics, Finance and Banking.
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Journal of
Islamic Economics, Banking and Finance (JIEBF)
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   JIEBF, Volume - 11, Number - 3, July - September 2015
An Exploratory Study on the Understanding of the Concept of Riba and Factors Determining Patronization of Conventional Banks among Muslims in Malaysia
   - Norma Md. Saad
   - Hamida Mubasshera
The Day of the Week Effect on Islamic Stock Market Returns: Evidence from Dow Jones Islamic Market Index
   - Ali Kafou
   - Ahmed Chakir
Effectiveness of Sukuk as a Tool of Monetary Policy
   - Dr. Mohammad Selim
A Statistical Analysis of Islamic World Sustainability Reporting in 2009
   - Mohammad Ahmad Talalweh
   - Kai Whiting Luis
   - Gabriel Carmona
Efficiency of Islamic and Conventional Banks in Bangladesh: Comparative Study using DEA Approach
   - Sanjida Islam
   - Salina Kassim
Islamic Banking : A Solution for Global Financial Challenges
   - Dr. Mahmood Ahmed
Ethics and Morality in Economic Life
   - Nikhat Mushir
Fund Management Practices of the Selected Islamic Commercial Banks in Bangladesh
   - Nazneen Jahan Chaudhury
Analysis Of Content And Design For Islamic Banks : A Malaysia Perspective
   - Mohammad Noorizzuddin Nooh
   - Muhammad Ridhwan Ab. Aziz
Factors Influence Customer Loyalty in Kuwait Islamic Banks: An Exploratory Study
   - Muhamad Abduh
   - Alaa Alobaad
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