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Islami Bank Training and Research Academy is trying to fulfill the training needs of Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited (IBBL) and other Islamic Banks operating in Bangladesh and to encourage research in Islamic Economics, Finance and Banking.
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Islamic Economics, Banking and Finance (JIEBF)
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   JIEBF, Volume - 12, Number - 2, April - June 2016
Methodology for Theory Building in Islamic Economics: Some More Examples of Hypotheses
   - Muhammad Akram Khan
Factors Influencing Operations Management Practices for Islamic Banks in Bangladesh
   - Rezbin Nahar
   - Rafikul Islam
Challenges Facing Shariah Committees in the Malaysian Islamic Financial Institutions
   - Shamsher Mohamad
   - Zulkarnain Muhamad Sori
   - Mohamed Eskandar Shah Mohd Rashid
Oil Prices and Determinants of Islamic and ConventionalBanks’ Profitability in Saudi Arabia
   - Muhamad Abduh
   - Ali Mohamed Baharoon
Theory of Gharar and its interpretation of Risk and Uncertainty from the perspectives of Authentic Hadith and the Holy Quran: Review of Literatures
   - Waeibrorheem Waemustafa
   - Suriani Sukri
The application of international financial reporting standards (ifrs) by islamic financial institutions (ifis): benefits and challenges
   - Sutan Emir Hidayat
Examining Potentials of Sukuk in Financing Infrastructure Projects in Bangladesh
   - Md. Golzare Nabi
   - Dr. Md. Aminul Islam
   - Dr. Rosni Bakar
The Institutional Framework for Alternative Dispute Resolution in Islamic Finance: Evidence from Malaysia
   - Dr. Abu Umar Faruq Ahmad
   - Dr. Hakimah Yaacob
The effect of Islamic Finance on Inflation Behavior using a Bayesian Log-linear Model
   - S.Eftekhari Mahabadi
   - Hasan Kiaee
SukukIssuance and economic growth: the Malaysian case
   - Marwa BEN SALEM
   - Mohamed FAKHFEKH
   - Nejib HACHICHA
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