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Islami Bank Training and Research Academy is trying to fulfill the training needs of Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited (IBBL) and other Islamic Banks operating in Bangladesh and to encourage research in Islamic Economics, Finance and Banking.
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Journal of
Islamic Economics, Banking and Finance (JIEBF)
  Current Issue
   JIEBF, Volume - 9, Number - 4, October - December 2013
Assessing the Risk Management Practices of Islamic Banks: Empirical Evidence from Malaysia and Pakistan
   - Professor Dr Rashidah Abdul Rahman
   - Siti Balqis
   - Faisal Dean
Rastin Profit and Loss Sharing (PLS) Base System
   - Bijan Bidabad
Islamic Banking Performance VS its Conventional Counterpart: Using Stochastic Optimal Control Method
   - Hasan Kiaee
   - Hamid Abrishami
   - Hasan Sobhani
Concept of Tabarru Commitment in Takaful Undertakings
   - Dr. Abdussalam Ismail Onagun
Regulatory Impediments to Islamic Finance: The UK and Australia Compared
   - Abu Umar Faruq Ahmad
The Adaptation of Shariah to the Islamic Banking of Bangladesh
   - Mahmood Ahmed
Islamic (Non-interest) Banking System in Nigeria:Contemporary Challenges and Way Forward
   - ELESIN ʻAbdul wahab Muhammad Jāmiʻu
The Banking Industry of Nigeria: A Note
   - Md. SetaurRahman
   - Md. SaidurRahman
The Move towards Global Accounting Standards: Evidence from AAOIFI
   - Dr. Adel Mohammed Sarea
Co integration and Causality in different Time Scales between SENSEX and SHARIAH 50 Indices in Indian Stock Markets
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