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 IBTRA is trying to fulfill the training needs of Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited (IBBL) and other Islamic Banks operating in Bangladesh and to encourage research in Islamic Economics, Finance and Banking.
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Status, Objectives and Functions
The principles and working procedures of Islamic Banks are completely new and different from the conventional banks. There is an inevitable need for training of the employees of the banks to orient and attune them to the new system of Islami banking. To cater to this need, Islami Bank Training and Research Academy (IBTRA) was established in 1984, soon after the inception of the Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited (IBBL)

The activities of IBTRA cover both training and research on various aspects of Islamic banking. The Academy developed a rich library of its own with a treasure of valuable books on different subjects including Islamic economics, banking, comparative philosophies and journals of home and abroad and research articles and documents. Employees of the Bank, learners and researchers have been taking full advantage of the library.  

Keeping in view the existing and future training requirement of the Bank and also to generally cater such needs of different Islamic banking & financial institutions of the region, the management of Islami Bank Training and Research Academy has been placed at the disposal of renowned academicians and faculties in the training of bank officials of the country. 

The Academy conducts training courses and workshops for the officials of IBBL and other Islamic Banks. The courses include Islamic Banking, Banking Law and Practice, Investment Operations and Management, Foreign Trade and Foreign Exchange, Shariah Based Audit and Inspection, etc. Changes in the regulatory environment in Banking, adoption of Islamic Shariah principles, adoption of tools and techniques and technology in the Banking operation, better human resource management, global competition etc are the major consideration to design training courses and workshops.

Besides, orientation, induction, foundation and motivation courses on different subjects are also conducted round the year. In addition to conducting regular training courses, it arranges seminar on Islamic economics and banking and such other related topics of current interest.

Apart from this, an "Executive Development Programme" has been introduced at the Head Office of the Bank in Dhaka since 1988 for enriching knowledge and thought process and developing professional skill of the Executives. This programme has proved to be effective and now being extended outside Dhaka .

The Academy is also publishing a journal named "Journal of Islamic Economics, Banking and Finance" regularly.

The Academy conducts internship courses for the students of different Departments of various Universities of the country. The Bank introduced annual award for the best three students of the Department of Finance and Banking of Dhaka University who secure 1st class 1st, 2nd and 3rd with 'Islami Banking' as special subject from the year 1994. 

Besides, a motivational programme has been introduced since 1987 for the clients of the Bank. Client-orientation programme are arranged at different branches for disseminating the concept of Islamic economics and banking and to acquaint the clients with the operations of Islamic banking system. 

The Bank, in 1993, co-sponsored a three day long International Seminar on 'Islamic Common Market' in which scholars, economists, bankers, industrialists and representatives of trade bodies of 15 countries participated. The Bank, with the collaboration of International Association of Islamic Banks (IAIB), organised an International Seminar on Islamic Banking in1985 and another International Seminar on Islamic Banking and Insurance in 1989. 

Islami Bank Training and Research Academy has introduced Diploma in Islamic Banking (DIB) for the bank officials to develop their professionalism in the field of Islamic Banking and Finance since 1998. DIB constitutes with two part examination which are held in March and November at Major cities within the country. IBTRA arranges DIB examination in Dhaka, Chittagong , Rajshahi, Khulna , Sylhet, Bogra and Rangpur Centre.
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